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 Astrofegia beach Villa, Pomos, Paphos, Cyprus
SSolar heated swimming pool with Jucuzzilar   & Gas heated  Swimming pool in Cyprus
Solar Heated Pool:
The temperature of pool's water can heated using 20 Solar Panels 2x1 meters. Depending on the season and assuming that in Cyprus we have 11 months per year sunny days the temperature of the water can be rising up to 10 degrees Celsius higher  than the normal temperature of other pools. This can be adjusted in the possible limits for not overheating according to your request. This facility of the pool is completely FREE. (Please note since the facility of the pool heating using solar panels is offered free and it's operation depends 100% on the sun we are not responsible for reduced operation in case of not sun shining days. The solar works good for sun shining days from the period about April - end of October - mid November assuming that you keep the pool cover on top). The solar can keep the water as warm as what you feel at many Miami resorts.
20 Solar Panels 2x1m for Pool Heating
solar panels for heating the swimming pool's water
Gas heated pool: In addition to the above the Heating of the pool is now boosted using Fuel Boiler, so now we may quarantine the heating of the pool up to 30 degrees Celsius all the year round. The heating of the pool using the fuel boiler (optional) is charged extra as follows:  120 Euro per day from November - March, and 80 Euro per day from April - October
Note:  The above price is for 5 days min. We may quarantine this facility will operate satisfactory assuming that you keep the cover on top at night and generally keep the pool covered anytime you don't using it.
Covering the pool it's very important for the good operation of the water heating.
Luxury swimming pool "L" shape
15x10x5m with add-on Jacuzzi,
now with Salt water!

Detailed the dimensions are:

  • First length 15m, breadth 5m, deep 0.70m-1.70m (for adults).
  • Second length 10m, breadth 5m, deep 0-0.70m (for children and disabled)
Pool at sunset time
sunset over the swimming pool and the sea
New!!! Salty water of the pool gives you the opportunity to have a true Thalassotherapy Spa in the villa.
 Thalassotherapy is based on the principle of treating the body with seawater either as a cure or as a preventative measure.  The salty water in the pool has been filtered through special filtration system to arrive crystal clear and still full of the elements which will so benefit your body.   Thalassotherapy provides an effective treatment for the human body as it combines the highly concentrated mineral elements of seawater and seawater
 products with the use of hot water. (as the water of the pool is heated!)
 Regular swimming in this heated seawater will soon bring marked improvements in your skin and general sense of wellbeing.  As your body will take whatever it needs from the water you will soon see, without any real effort, improvement in your skin tone, reduction in the appearance of cellulite and almost certainly some weight loss due to the high iodine content of the water.
 Its benefits in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism as well as any dermatitis of the skin are legendary. Psoriasis and Eczema sufferers benefit greatly.

 We are proud to announce the use of new and proven technologies for sanitizing the water of the pool without the need of chorine or other dangerous chemicals. For more safety this is achieved with 3 different technologies combining together, as follows:
 1) Ozonating the pool by adding in the pool's water Ozone () which sterilize the water by killing any kind of bacteria & algae and makes crystal water.
 2) Use of the UV technology to sterilize the pool water (kills all known bacteria)
 3) Use of Ionizing the water (putting positive ions of Cooper, Silver and Zink in the pool, which also kills any kind of bacteria).
 Those above technologies are 100% safe & environment friendly and have been used the last years in the Olympic pools. You can find anyway a lot of articles in the internet proving that.
 When I don't have customers in the pool I use the pool for my own family, so I want the best water quality and safe !!
                                                                                                                            Sea water Swimming Poolswimming pool at day time

The swimming pool has a luxury Jacuzzi for 4-5 persons in the shallow end of pool's "L".

Additional the Pool has the following equipments:

  • 8 wooden sun beds with soft bed
  • 3 Sun-Umbrellas
  • Big Wooden garden  table with 8 chairs
The pool has 2 entrances: with ramp  (light brown colour) to the shallow end  (70cm deep which is suitable for the disabled and children) and with a ladder to the deep end (1.70m deep for adults). Different levels are separated with a line of navy blue colour.


  • The deep end is divided from the shallow end by a rope with balls for child safety.
  • The whole area of the pool is enclosed by 1.10m high railing and gates access for wheel chair. This feature makes the pool safe for families with small children.


swimming Pool with sea view
view of the beach as seen from the terrace
  • The pool has 4 underwater lights for the night swimming.
  • Also there are 2 small underwater lights in the Jacuzzi area (the half cycle area).
  • Additional lights there are outside in the surrounding of the swimming pool area, as well as in the whole area around the villa and also including the the stairs from the pool up to the beach.
swimming Pool at night time
Pool at night
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